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Combined with the Unbiased, experienced counsel of a caring and competent agent, this sold data, statistical market graphs and detailed property information gives you the power to make good informed decisions. All at your fingertips, so you don't have to rely on the opinion of Uncle Bob.

Recently Sold Properties

Drill down to actual property level detailed information. Get sold pricing, property details and descriptive writing on thousands of properties that have sold near you in the last year.

Get access to the property data to help you make informed decisions about your purchase, sale or current market value.

Properties for sale only give you an indication of what people want, not what people are willing to pay, the real value is in knowing the actual sale price of similar homes near you. This is what we as real estate agents search when we do our fair market analysis, now you can have a peek behind the scenes as well until your ready to have an agent give you an unbiased opinion on current fair market value.

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Market Data and Statistics

Your source for current, accurate and up to date market data broken down by city, neighbourhood and property types.

Explore how single family home prices are trending in Altadore, apartment style condo supply and demand in the Beltline or how much of an increase or decrease townhouses in Cranston are experiencing.

Combined with the detailed reporting of the individual property sales reporting of list and sale prices on specific addresses with property details and descriptions, you can fairly assess exactly where the market is for you home.

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Sold Data Information

Wondering exactly what the house down the street sold for?

You can now research yourself, with fair accuracy, what the value of your property may be, based on similar homes sold in a reasonable period of time that are near yours.

This site makes it easy to assess what your fair market value might be exploring the actual data yourself.

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How to get more money for your home sale

Explore the 6 pillars of getting the highest sale price for your home and in the quickest time.

Speak with one of our experienced agents on how your specific home can capitalize on its unique appeal and selling proposition, our award winning value building print and digital marketing assets, our high exposure advertising strategy, the power of 5,000+ agents vying to sell your home, service that works through the intricacies of real property transactions, and the highly important pricing matrix that determines not just ultimate sale price, but also exposure and appeal. Speak to an agent today, and get the highest ultimate net sale price for your property.

Home Price in Calgary

Go over highly detailed and comprehensive market data information in easy to read and interpret graphs and datasets.

Find if Calgary home prices are increasing, decreasing, or both. Search data includes active, new and sold inventory levels, median sold pricing over time, pricing per square foot for sold and active listings, days on market and market heat over time, sold price to list price ratios and the general the seller vs buyer, number of sales by price point breakdown, months of supply and yearly sales comparisons.

Speak to one of our agents today to explore the meaning of these graphs, and how it affects your current property value.